Recently I saw the movie Rockers. I had heard a great deal about it so I finally decided after years of procrastination to purchase the 25th anniversary edition. I was impressed by the line-up, some of the biggest name in the reggae business, most of them legends; before they were legends. After the movie, my first thought was, could this be replicated today? Who would be in it? How could it be done? I am still pondering these questions.

The movie had several unforgettable scenes, but by far, my favorite is “Rockers takeover,” in which Dirty Harry and Horsemouth hijacked the soul playing club. (Check it out on YouTube, search “rockers takeover.)
Also unforgettable is the ending, maybe it is because I grew cynical but I did not expect that ending. It was perfect.
It is a simple movie which made me long for better days. If you haven’t seen it, please try to.


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