time is not counted from daylight but from MIDNITE

By now you should know that I am not too much into hype music -except as a tool for venting- but when I am in my mellow mood I revert to the things and music which I love and the best example of the music I like is that of the band Midnite.
The hypnotic vibes which is like energy transfusion is nothing short of astounding. If you have had the chance to take in a live performance you would understand exactly what that feels like. The stage performance will encapsulate you and take you away!
Unlike other more commercial Reggae musicians, Midnite's focus is the music, not the appearance or the hype. They stay true to ROOTS music, this is their weapon of choice; Babylon will crumble.
If you ask most people in the Reggae business only those truly dedicated will know this band and they have been releasing albums and performing for more than 12 years with their first official release in 1997.
If you, like I was, are longing for some good music without all the clutter this is your tangent to leave the perpetual and predictable. And if you can, go see them live.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They go on tour consistently, there should be no problem catching up with them.

Monday, May 05, 2008 10:06:00 AM  

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