The Reggae Business

Lately I have been listening to a lot of reggae, not dancehall, and I have missed out on a few things. However, I have also learned a lot. Reading all the news about the current situation (you know the situation) with the cancellations and turmoil facing Reggae artists and Jamaica as a whole, made me think that this is completely our fault, not theirs. From the government of Jamaica to the artists to the blogs and record labels, we are to be blamed. For too long we have imported everything and exported nothing, for too long we have depended on others and not ourselves, so, now we are threatened with boycotts and cancellations.

What are we to do? Invest. Invest in ourselves, our products, our creativity and our. That way our fate will be in our hands, we will control our destiny.

Looking at the food shortage in Jamaica (and the Caribbean) one can see that we are volatile, whatever happens aboard, particularly you know where; we feel the brunt of the pressure. You know that old saying if America sneezes Jamaica catches a cold; well do we need more examples than that which is currently manifesting itself!

I am not against globalization, I am just for equality. The stagnation of Jamaica rest on the shoulders of our government and its people. We prefer to market and exploit the north shore resorts so that a few will profit than to promote agriculture which will benefit the entire population and region. There is no possible reason Jamaica should be importing such things as carrots or cabbage when the ones grown there are much healthier and beneficial. However, since we signed on to all those global contracts, the people should buy Jamaican; this practice is performed in other countries and is celebrated as patriotism. Why not Jamaica?

Dancehall, or should I just say reggae, we have come too far to be stopped now. People protesting or calling for cancellation will never stop true lovers of the music from loving or listening to the music or from paying to see their favorite artists perform. However, if you are a commercial artist you will have a monkey on your back. Your hopes of the MTVs and BETs sadly will be terminated.


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