Shaggy goes gaga over India

[Reggae] star Shaggy loves India because the love and affection present in the country reminds him a lot of his own country Jamaica.
The Hey Sexy Lady singer said that his native country Jamaica had a lot in common with India.
The two countries had similar warmth andaffection of the audience and they also shared similar problems, according to him.
"I'm from a country like India. Jamaica has similar problems and similar joys and warmth. I sense that warmth in India, that affection and love from the audience," Femalefirst quoted him, as saying.
However, Shaggy, who looks forward to being part of the Bollywood scene, also revealed that as long as piracy was rampant in India, artistes would always shy away from considering the country a major market for music.
"Unless the piracy stops it is difficult to consider India a major market for music. How can any artist think of good sales if everything just gets illegally copied?" he said.


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