Swiss Reggae Ambassador

-The reigning Swiss roots reggae champ Thomi Nikles, aka Famara, is not relenting in exposing his dual racial personality. "I am white outside and black inside," he confessed over the phone from Europe. "Reggae is black music and that's all about me." The vibrant performer, who's toured Western Africa a couple of times, wittingly captioned his recent and fifth full-length album "Double Culture." In Nikles's previous albums he loudly intimated that Africa has a deep place in him. Born in Basel, Switzerland, and after going through the grooming of percussion skills, Nikles ventured with the mic in 1996. "I love the songs of reggae greats like Bob Marley, Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh and U-Roy. But when I realized that the originality of reggae music is rooted in Africa I decided to visit the sun continent and get the actual traditional feel of the music I intend to venture in." -


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