The U.N. of Musical Genres

Far from Jamaica, reggae is gaining a slew of
new ambassadors as artists from all over try to stir it up.

Willie Nelson Rebel Roots: Abbott, Texas
Reggae Sound: On his July release, Countryman, Nelson covers Jimmy Cliff with twang. Island Cred: Says cannabis should be legal and shared on the tour bus.Matisyahu Rebel Roots: White Plains, N.Y. Reggae Sound: The Hasidic hipster who hails Bob Marley in
Yiddish has two fall albums. Island Cred: Some Rastafarians view themselves as the original Jews.Daddy Yankee Rebel Roots: San Juan, Puerto Rico Reggae Sound: His Gasolina popularized reggaeton, a reggae-derived, Latin hip-hop. Island Cred: Last we looked,
Puerto Rico was an island too.Sinéad O'Connor Rebel Roots: Dublin, Ireland Reggae Sound: Her next album, Throw Down Your Arms, features Jamaican musicians and Marley songs. Island Cred: She embraces the Rastafarian faith--and the notion of hair as a statement.


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