Richie Spice

Back in 1995 an unknown singer named Richie Spice hit the Jamaican charts with the funky reggae tune "Living Ain't Easy." Over the next few years his lover's rock ditty "Grooving My Girl" and the spirited keyboard-and-bass-driven "Earth A Run Red," which emphasized the plight of suffering ghetto youths, also became hits. With the release of his 2000 album Universal on Heartbeat Records, Spice was regarded as an extremely promising artist, although not as highly rated as iconic neoroots crooners Luciano and the late Garnet Silk.
Then earlier this year, in a rare instance of a reincarnated song enjoying greater popularity in its second life, "Earth A Run Red" began a steady climb to the top of the Jamaican charts, despite
having been relegated to selectors' oldies juggling sessions only a few years earlier. Its seismic impact on the European and American reggae scenes has transformed the 33-year-old Spice into a hot commodity once again.



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