Beenie Man - King of the Dancehall

Beenie (the name means "little" in Jamaican patwah) was only five when he first toddled onstage to grab the microphone at a sound system dance thrown by his uncle's Master Blaster set. Only three years later, he recorded his single debut, "Too Fancy," for the late
legendary reggae producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes. He had been born Moses Davis, the son and grandson of seminal Rastafarian patriarchs, and raised to know first-hand the trials of life in a tropical ghetto. Yet Craig Town, a notorious Kingston district, also teemed with talent and even opportunity. "I was brought up amongst pure musicians
- Black Uhuru, Duckie Simpson," says Beenie. "From little youth days, way-back-when days, I talk and sing."
Man boasts an astounding 60-plus number one singles,
scores of hit albums - and who knows how many of the
platinum standard stage shows that crowned him long
ago as reggae dancehall's undisputed King.


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