I think Sean Paul is a "Dancehall" reggae artist who will stand the test of time. Whoever, to compare him to Bob Marley would be an injustice to both him and Bob. Bob Marley is a legend and an icon who has made a lasting impact not just because of his music but because of what he stood for. He was more than a musician, he was a poet, an activist, and a visionary. No matter what part of the world you travel, someone will know who Bob Marley is. Don't get me wrong, I believe Sean Paul's music will make a lasting impact on reggae also, but he has yet to tip the iceberg of conciousness that Bob Marley represents. What's more, I don't think that Sean Paul is trying to become the next Bob Marley. I think Sean Paul has his own agenda for reggae music, 'Dancehall' in particular. He wants to make people dance, and feel the music. His passion for "Dancehall" reggae shows in every song he records. I think Sean Paul will be a legend in reggae music for his own reasons. He has already helped propel "Dancehall" music to the top of popular music charts all over the world.


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